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In Home Serivce / Carry in inspection Fee (all rates below are INCLUDE GST).

Product Type Quotation Fee
LCD/LED/Plasma TV  $70.00(Onsite under 20 km)
Rear Projection TV (LCD,DLP,CRT)  $70.00(Onsite under 20 km)
Cameras(Digital, Film, Video)  $40 (Carry in)
DVD/Blu-ray/VCR/PVR  $40 (Carry in)
Computers (Laptop, Desktop)  $40 (Carry in)
Audio / Hi-Fi

 $40 (Carry in) 

*All fees will be deducted from total repair cost if authorised for repair.

TV repair Sydney

Are you fed up wasting your money on frequent TV repair? If yes, then your misery needs to end right here. We at Echo Electronics believe in delivering flawless TV repair services. You will find our company to be the most credible and reliable TV repair service in Sydney. Our technicians have extensive knowledge regarding the job and are well trained. Moreover, we are well equipped with the modern tools to address the requirements of every customer.

You will witness that our technicians specialise in all the leading brands that include LG and Samsung. We are quite experienced with TV repairs in Sydney, that’s why we can promise qualityOur technicians focus on every little detail, when managing the TV repair process. We are working very hard to facilitate quality and budget-friendly TV repair services to our clients.

Our expert repairmen work with a strategy. They invest time and effort to identify the root cause of the problem. At the same time, they will figure out the most feasible solution for you. They know how to provide a  come up to your expectations. Furthermore, we also offer warranties on all TV repair services to be one of your best choices.

Our team is focused on providing the top-quality services. We can guarantee the fact that our Samsung and LG TV repairs in Sydney have an edge over our competitors. We promise quality, as we have the most competent technicians on board. Try our TV repair service and get the excellent results in a short time span. Our skilled technicians for TV repair will not disappoint you at any point of time.

We can efficiently manage LG and Samsung TV repairs in Sydney. Our company has a huge client portfolio because we believe in delivering quality. If you have any queries then you can send us a message through our online inquiry system as well. So what you are waiting for? Get in touch with us for a free quote today and fix an appointment with us so that we can diagnose the problem.




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